Scientific Research Institute

Goals and Objectives of the Institute

The goals of the Institute are:

  • Development of scientific potential and research of the University.
  • Planning the scientific-research activities of the University, facilitating, and coordinating its implementation.
  • Management and coordination of activities related to the internal (university) and external financing of the scientific research projects.
  • Establish relations with international, regional, and local organizations, state and non-state organizations and coordinate the activities of the University in this direction to promote the attraction and implementation of the scientific research projects.
  • Facilitate and coordinate the management of ongoing/implementing scientific-research projects within the university, support the integration of the scientific-research with the teaching process.
  • Supporting the effectiveness of the research potential of the University's doctoral programs.
  • Promoting the scientific potential of the University.


The main objectives of the institute are:

  • Periodic determination of the priority of the research directions of the University.
  • Development of tools / mechanisms necessary for the carrying out and support of the scientific-
  • Creation of an effective system for assembling information on university activities/research projects and ensuring its uninterrupted functioning.
  • Institutional cooperation with international, regional, and local organizations, as well as state and non-state organizations in the field of science.
  • Establishment of local and international contacts to promote research results, internationalization of the scientific-research activities of the University.
  • Identify research potential in university doctoral programs and promote efficiency.


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