Scientific Research Institute

Scientific Development and Project Management Department

Department’s functions are:     

A) In line with the university’s strategic plan, promote increased university engagement in the field of research, awareness-raising at local and foreign universities and research centers, strengthening existing connections and forming new contacts.

B) Consolidation of information related to the university’s research activities; ensure the work of a unified database of university research projects.

C) Coordination and monitoring of ongoing scientific-research projects within the frame of the university.

D) Promoting/stimulating mobility of persons involved in university’s scientific research activities.

E) Facilitate planning and implementation of various activities necessary for effective and continuous implementation of university’s scientific-research activities/projects (scientific grants, joint scientific research, inviting specialists / scientists in the field for lectures, organizing conferences and seminars, supporting university staff participation in international conferences, etc.).

F) Seeking information on new grant competitions from international donor organizations and local foundations, distributing them at the university.

G) Provide consultations to persons involved in the university’s scientific-research activities in preparation/implementation and earning financing (grant) of scientific-research projects.

H) Establishing contacts and collaborating with international, regional, and local organizations, state, and non-governmental bodies (foreign universities, research funds, business sector, etc.) for participation in and implementation of scientific research projects.

I) Preparing recommendations for university management bodies on the expected allocation of funds for academic staff development and project funding to the university budget.

J) Request from the relevant structural units of the university any information related to the development of the university’s academic staff and scientific research activities.

K) Other functions as determined by the Director of the institute and/or university’s leaders.


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