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კვლევითი პროექტის აღწერა
პროექტის დასახელება: The importance of gender equality and women’s empowerment to the sustainable growth of Azerbaijan
მოკლე აღწერა: The main aim of this paper is identify the perception of sustainable development in accordance with gender equality and women empowerment in Azerbaijan. The qualitative methodology based on secondary data is utilized by researcher in order to hit the mark. On a basis of the information examined, the research demonstrates that the responsibilities of ladies over distinctive measurements of sustainable development are less considered in Azerbaijan. Findings show that ladies basically performed assignments related to the physical care of the child, whereas duties concerned spending time within children were more regularly shared similarly or done together. The political circle of the nation is saved only for men. The position of ladies in society is additionally as well as consigned to contributing negligibly to social advancement of the state. Moreover, women's rights are not legitimately being secured in arrange for ladies to take an interest in different the issues of their state, however are exposed to horrifying infringement. Additionally, ladies are exceedingly influenced by natural issues, however less accentuation is provided to women in securing the environment. The analyst concluded that if women are not empowered and gender equality is not attained in order to participate in national and social areas, the particular country will not able to get sustainable development with the acknowledgment of only men's support in environmental as well as social areas. It is the fact that approximately more than 50 percentage of population is consists of women in particular country and it is the one of the reason to be a dynamic part of the all improvement activities within the nation. Therefore, to achieve sustainable development this paper invites for the strong engagement of the government within making use of all the country's ability in order to empower women.
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