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კვლევითი პროექტის აღწერა
პროექტის დასახელება: International West Asian Congress of Tourism Research
მოკლე აღწერა: Tourism Department of the School of Business and Administrative Studies, University of Georgia Organized (together with IWACT Organization Committee, Karabuk University, Turkey) and Hosted The Sixth International West Asia Congress of Tourism Research – IWACT 2022The represented topics covered the following issues: tourism and its sustainable development; International Communication Models and Tourism: Comparative Studies of Georgia and Turkey; Evaluation of Sedisehir and its Surroundings in Terms of Ecotourism; The effects of joint brand advertising on perceived authenticity of an emerging heritage site and tourists’ visit intentions; evaluation of slow cities regarding sustainable tourism: The case of AHLAT; Travel limitations and women travelers; International guide problems in outbound tourism; The touristic importance of historical and cultural monuments etc.Congress was held on 16th -18th June 2022.
ხელმძღვანელი: დევიძე ნინო
მონაწილეები: დევიძე ეკა
საკითხის აქტუალობა: The goal of the scientific event - International West Asian Congress of Tourism Research is to assemble international scholars, scientists, academicians, to share wide-range achievements and innovative approaches in the tourism field.
მოსალოდნელი სიახლე: Fundamental role and innovation of the congress is to promote tourism with a well-organized system of promotional activities, life-long learning opportunities, market research, and application of quality standards as Tourism Industry has great importance for many countries in the world. It contributes to many areas in the economy such as national income, foreign exchange income, and balance of payments. Tourism revenues have the largest share among the foreign financing resources for most countries. Tourism also increases the consumption of goods and services. For this reason, many sectors (textile, food, entertainment, souvenirs, etc.) remain alive with the aid of tourism. Besides, tourism is one of the sectors where employment is quite high since it provides job opportunities to large masses. Scientific articles of the congress, participants will provide solutions to challenges in the tourism industry that will bring significant action points to scholars and practitioners.
სავარაუდო გეგმა: The Plan of the Scientific Project: a) Preparation Works - 2021 b) Conference Days(16h-18th June) c)Third Stage Publishin congress articles: 1. IWACT22 International Book of Current Tourism Topics 2. IWACT22 Abstract Proceedings Book 3.IWACT22 Full Text Proceedings Book
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