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კვლევითი პროექტის აღწერა
პროექტის დასახელება: Post COVID-19 workplace: mediating effect of psychological contract (PC) on the relationship between emotional intelligence (EI) of the strategic human resources managers (SHRM) and organizational commitment (OC) in Higher Education Institutions: A 3-country perspective
მოკლე აღწერა:
ხელმძღვანელი: ანვარი როია
მონაწილეები: ამაშუკელი მაია
საკითხის აქტუალობა: Combining the emotional focus of the organization with the value of SHRM, we can say that emotional intelligence competences can transform the SHRM practitioners into a set of people-oriented activities that promote the effective procurement, utilization, and maintenance of the employees within an organization, indicating solutions to maintain employees with high committed employees in a time of crisis and after unprecedent situation. Although data published on the integrating emotional intelligence competencies to human resource management exist (2021), the literature has paid little attention to strategic managers’ EI in HRM, failing to bring data on the efficacy of EI to SHRM practitioners. However, according to Hamouche (2021) in a time of crisis, strategic alertness is required. Due to long duration of the COVID-19 pandemic and continuous psychological state which has influence on employees’ responsibility (Wright & McMahan, 1992).
მოსალოდნელი სიახლე:
სავარაუდო გეგმა: uilding a happy and engage workplace is a challenge of current organization in post-Covid-19, where demand greater EI, incorporating EI into SHRM involving training, compensation, staffing and performance appraisal lead to empower organizations. To summarize, we argue that SHRM practitioner’s EI and PC in post Covid-19 can improve employees' affective commitment to the organization. The objective of the study is: 1) to examine the influence of emotional intelligence (EI) of the strategic human resource managers (SHRM) practitioners on organizational commitment (OC) in the higher education sector during the post-COVID19 as well as the possible mediating role psychological contract (PC) in that relationship.
სკოლა/დეპარტამენტი: ბიზნესის ადმინისტრირების დეპარტამენტი,ბიზნესის და ადმინისტრაციულ მეცნიერებათა სკოლა
დაწყება: 2023-01-01
დასრულება: 2025-12-31
მიზნობრიობა: სამეცნიერო
სტატუსი: მიმდინარე
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