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პროექტის დასახელება: The Effect of Service Leadership on Adaptive Selling, Customer Orientation, In-Role Performance and Service Recovery Performance
მოკლე აღწერა: Due to the important role of customers in today's world and the increasing need to be aware of all aspects concerning customers by having access to adequate information about services and the various channels for delivering those services, it is necessary to consider the problem of how to communicate with customers and to maintain long-term relationships, including the factors that affect the stability and profitability of hotels. The purpose of the present research was to evaluate the effect of adaptive selling on the relationship between service leadership and customer orientation, in-role performance and service recovery performance. A descriptive survey was used as the research method, with a questionnaire as the data collection tool. By using a simple random sampling method, 93 persons were chosen from among 145 managers and employees of the services sector of two-star and higher-rated hotels in the city of Esfahan. The analysis was carried out using the structural equation modelling method through the application of the LISREL software.
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მოსალოდნელი სიახლე: The results showed that service leadership had a significant and positive effect on adaptive selling, customer orientation, in-role performance (job performance) and service recovery (organizational citizenship behaviour), while adaptive selling had the least effect, and customer orientation had the greatest effect among the variables. Suggestions for future research were also presented
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დაწყება: 1900-01-01
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